As a writer, my spell check is the sharpest after I’ve already hit send on an email. Then I realize I forgot a comma here, or an apostrophe there, or that one time when I hoped auto correct would kick in and actually type ducking for me instead of what I really meant to say.

Now we no longer have to fret. The good folks over at Google have unveiled their “unsend” feature. For about six years this option has been chillen somewhere in the settings feature, but Google gave it the proper red carpet roll out Tuesday. (June 23)

The feature will do exactly what it sounds like it will. If you realized you misspelled a hiring manager’s name wrong on your resume and cover letter, this option will help you retract an email that’s been sent for up to 30 seconds. The only downside is it’s not available for Android, or ios mobile Gmail apps where typos are more frequent.

According to reports, in order to enable the feature you have to reload Gmail, go to the little gear icon on the top right corner of your inbox, click settings and voila!

So those nudes you meant to send to bae that you accidentally sent to uncle Richie Junior, you’ve got 30 seconds before he comes knocking on your door.