On June 20th, Kenville Horne travelled to England to receive the prestigious Queen’s Young Leaders award, for his notable rise from an underpreiviledged background to a person able to start a sports program for underprivileged, and disadvantage youths in the rural community of Rose Hall.
The Queen’s Young Leaders award is a new program and Kenville was the only person from St. Vincent and one of four individuals from the caribbean to be granted this award. Kenville spent one week in England, where he was presented with his award from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and met the UK Prime Minister David Cameron.
He recouted his experience in the following Facebook post:

on collecting my award
I want to say to all Vincentians, we can accomplished anything we put our mines to achieve!. Today was one of the most important day in my life, and I felt so proud to represent my country. My day started with a visit to 10 Downing Street, we the Queen’s Young Leaders had the chance to meet with British Prime Minister David Cameron. As we enter the gate to #10 Downing Street the security checked the coach (bus) we were travelling into, before allowing us to enter the Prime Minister resident. At Downing Street we waited a short while before the Prime Minister emerged, as he arrived the room fell totally silence. I steer at the white, well dressed figure for about 1 minute and was impressed by his humbleness. He spoke briefly about the Commonwealth, them answered many questions from the young leaders, and admitted that he was impressed by the questions. following the questions, he took pictures with us, sittiing right next to me, at which time we engage in few words. He then departed and in groups, we visited the Cabinet room where all the important decisions are made, we pose for some pictures outside the doors of #10 Downing street, before making our way to the Twitter headquarters in london at which time we were told about the operations of the company, following the Twitter visit, we were then transported to the BBC headquarters ( Portland Place), and were giving a tour of the very large and luxury facility, it was really fascinating to see the actual process of the news being reported live.
following the visit to BBC, we were rush to our hotel, where we had to change, take a quick snack on the bus while journeying to Buckingham Palace. On approaching the gates of Buckingham Palace ,we were presented with our letters of invitation from the Queen, which we had to Present to the security along with proof of identification, and a small search was conducted. As we enter the gates of the palace many person could be observed outside taking photos of the palace. On entering the premises a delegation awaited us, and directed us to the Ball Room, the sound of ” Happy” could be heard coming from ahead of a large stairway that is located across the Ball Room. Inside the ball room was impressive, and luxurious, a sweet aroma fill the air, the air condition facility send shivers across our body, just the fact of standing in an venue where so many great men stood was overwhelming .We were told of the protocol we must follow on accepting the award from Her Majesty, and was hen directed to a room, where our name and a flag of our country was ,after standing in line behind each other for a while, we then directed to our seat in the Ball Room, at this time the room was filled with very important persons, including the High Commission from each of the countries that the awardees were from, as we make our way to our seats, well attired, some in their national colors, others neatly dressed( yours truly sharply dress) we were greeted by thundering applauds. The Chairman of The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust ,Sir John Major give an emotional presentation about the program and our accomplishement, followed by former England and Manchester United Football Star ‪#‎DavidBeckham‬, after which we received our award from the Queen. she smiled at us and whispered kind words, I greeted her on behalf of the people of St.Vincent and the Grenadines, she smiled , spoke with me for a brief while before presenting me with my award. following the presentation ceremony, there was an opportunity to interact with very important persons and relax under some wine and finger food. I took the opportunity to speak to the queen again, and we shared a little conversationabout SVG, at which point she told me that she had visited the country before, including Mustique. I was taken back by her knowledge, I also spoke with our country’s High Commissioner in London. Following the function at Buckingham Palace, we were taking to St.James Palace for a dinner hosted by the Duke of York. about after 10 British Time, we departed once again for our hotels.
It was indeed one of the most important and historic day in my life. I was apart of an exercise that soo many dreamed of, one that many important persons have never accomplished . I was indeed proud to represent my country and I tell you this believe in yourself that you can accomplish anything, and that no one cannot tell you that you are not capable of representing yourself or country. I love you soo much SVG, Rose Hall and all over, God bless you all and to everyone who comment or like my post, i did this for you guys, because you believe in me and i represented well.

Kenville also received a 1 year online scholarship from the University of Cambridge.