“Raze all hands in the air!”

The command issued by Soca songstress Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez in her 2015 hit song “Raze” conjures images of excited fete-goers screaming and waving in true Carnival fashion.

“Wake up everyone who sleeping,” she sings. “Meet me on the road!”

But in the newly released video for the song, there is no crowd, no screaming and waving, no excited partygoers and no road.

The almost 4 minute long video features a cloaked Lyons-Alvarez singing and dancing in a snowy, forested area.

Since its release earlier this week, fans have taken to social media to voice their disappointment with the concept, saying there is no aspect of Trinidad culture in the video and it seems to be catering to a foreign audience.
Indeed, Lyons-Alvarez departed from the Carnival-type and fete-like imagery come to be associated with soca music videos in an effort to appeal to an international audience. But this doesn’t seem to sit well with local fans.

“There is nothing Trinidadian about the video. Nothing Soca,” YouTube user Red Frederick complained.

“This song is so energetic and full of life, I was looking for a video with you on a big truck with a massive crowd behind you, not in the snowy woods like little red riding hood,” another commenter wrote.

Another user, Ramon Lara, accused Lyons-Alvarez and her husband Ian “Bunji Garlin” Alvarez of “running from Trini culture” while Gail Williams said Lyons-Alvarez was trying to transition from soca artist to pop-star.

Others felt it necessary to point out that “there is no snow in Trinidad.”

A few came to the singer’s defense applauding her for “thinking outside the box”.

Despite the overwhelmingly negative response however, Lyons-Alvarez told the Express yesterday that she is quite satisfied with the self-directed video.

“As far as I am concerned I am happy with the video and have no time for negativity,” she said.

The Vi-Queen, as she is called, is currently in England preparing for the Glastonbury Music Festival, which is the biggest musical event in the UK and among the most prestigious music festivals in the world. She performs alongside her husband tomorrow.

She says she could not be bothered by the naysayers and will continue to represent her country on an international scale.

“Let my Trini people spew negativity if they choose; I am in no way bothered as I am focused on representing Trinidad at Glastonbury with or without their support,” she said.