Shortly after Chris Brown posted on Instagram about his libation-fueled adventures with “Liquor”, the R&B sensation announced a free concert in Haiti upon his arrival to the island of Hispaniola.

“Concert tonight in Haiti!!,” he wrote. “Putting on a free show for the people of Haiti!”

The concert, to be held in Port-au-Prince on Friday (June 26), is Haiti’s first free production since 1994, when the Fugees played. Shouts to Swizz Beatz, who helped organize the six-hour show, scheduled to also include sets by Haitian acts such as T-Micky, Boukman Eksperyans, Barikad Crew, DRZ and many more. Both Breezy and Lil Wayne will each have a 60-minute set.
The news comes days after Haiti’s sister country of The Dominican Republic reported a mass deportation of undocumented Haitian migrants, which later was likened to an “ethnic cleansing” of sorts.