Saturday night saw the return of the legendary fete H2O Soca.
The massive crowd were dressed suitably for the water and donned their LIME provided shower caps for added effect. The patrons were amped from start to finish in what has become a truly mammoth event. With almost 8 hours of live performances the show mixed the brand new soca artists on the scene to some of the biggest names in the soca world.
The new artistes, dubbed ‘NexGen’ didn’t disappoint with particular raucous performances from My-Lo and Blama. Fireman Hooper as always delivered a spell-binding performance combining his new block-buster hits with some of his classics. The overseas artists all delivered solid performances with Kerwin Dubois sending the females in particular into a wining frenzy, Patrice Roberts in her short short outfit pumped the crowd to the max and perhaps the shock of the night was the reception King Bubba from Barbados received, who literally turned over the fete.
Skinny Fabulous was given the responsibility of closing the night and didn’t disappoint. Skinny’s live performance is now a match for any artist across the region and at 5am he summoned an energy from the crowd that left everyone spell-bound and which will surely go down in the history of other-worldly live entertainment.
At just after 6.15am the legendary band TOUCH hit the stage and kicked off the breakfast party as patrons donned their LIME sunglasses as the sun came up.
The event came to a close at 7am with the crowd thoroughly tired but happy.

See video highlight from the event here!