Kanye West saw a familiar face in the crowd at his Glastonbury show on Saturday, June 27, but it wasn’t exactly welcome. One festivalgoer attended the show waving a giant flag that featured a shot of Kim Kardashian’s 2003 sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Ray J.

The banner read, “Get down girl, get head get down,” a play on West’s “Gold Digger” lyrics, “Get down girl, go head get down.”
West’s wife, 34, also attended the show, tweeting photos from backstage.

The sex tape, which was leaked in 2007, ultimately became the first time Kardashian’s name hit the mainstream media. In April 2013, after West, 38, and Kardashian began dating, Ray J released the single “I Hit It First” as an obvious reference to the reality star.

The flag wasn’t the only interruption West faced during his Glastonbury show. In the middle of the rapper’s single “Black Skinhead,” British comedian Simon Brodkin interrupted West by rushing the stage as his character Lee Nelson before quickly being ushered offstage by a security guard.

He later tweeted, “I Kanye’d Kanye. That was for you @taylorswift13 #Leezus,” directly referencing West’s interruption of Taylor Swift’s 2009 MTV VMA acceptance speech.