Don’t call Kranium a rookie just because he now has first major deal with Atlantic records. Hip-hop fans might not be totally familiar with the dancehall star, but his riddims have turned out clubs from Jamaica, Queens to Kingston, JA for years.

While the singer’s “Nobody Has To Know (Remix)” with Ty Dolla $ign is finally starting to catch on with American audiences, the singer only sees his new recording home as a tool to push his movement forward

“I was born in Jamaica, but I migrated to Queens,” Dancehall Kranium star tells VIBE. “I went to Jamaica High School. I’ve always been on Jamaica Avenue, so Jamaica never left me.”

This is just the beginning for Kranium’s upcoming North American conquest, and he has his eyes set on working out some big collaborations that should widen his musical profile.

“I like Rihanna a lot. I’m a huge fan of Drake. I would definitely collaborate with [him],” says the West Indian singer. I’m also a huge fan of Nick Jonas.”