At the stroke of midnight, Rihanna premiered the video for her infectious track “B***h Better Have My Money” and the plot is serious. So serious that one character within the 7-minute reel might actually be based on a real person.

The concept, which Rih said came to her eight months ago, surrounds the singer getting revenge on a shady accountant. As a result of the bad gal vying to get paid her dividends, she kidnaps his wife with the help of her henchmen, and tortures the woman until her thieving husband pays Rih what he owes her.

Throughout the mini-film, the sly guy, a.k.a. “the b***h,” is seen not taking her demands seriously, until Rih’s had enough and physically prepares to take matters into her own hands. But according to The Fader, this depiction may not all be fiction. No, Rihanna didn’t tie up her accountant in real life, but she did have a similar money situation in 2009.

The “Diamonds” singer filed a lawsuit against her accountant Peter Gounis and the firm Berdon LLP, claiming “gross mismanagement” of her income after they gave her the green light to purchase a $7 million home despite the fact her account was in the red. As a result, she was left “effectively bankrupt.” Rihanna eventually won the case and fired her poor money advisors.