Former Saved By The Bell star Lark Voorhies gave a rather strange sit-down to Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier in defense of her seemingly shotgun wedding to record producer Jimmy Green. After meeting Green via Facebook and dating for a year, the actress announced that the two had tied the knot back in April. Since the marriage, Voorhies – known for her role as Lisa Turtle – has been at odds with her mother, Patricia Voorhies, who claims Green is using her daughter. The actress refutes these claims in her latest interview.

“The support was there, specific, necessary, exact. It’s all celebratory, so it’s a very strong, powerful ongoing. And we carry that through naturally in all success,” Voorhies said of her mother’s reaction to her nuptials.

Voorhies’ mother also filed a restraining order against Green, who admits to being a former gang member. In a 2012 interview with People, the actress’s mother alleged that her daughter was bipolar, a claim Voorhies denies. She also said her husband was not using her, and that she had a bout with depression, not bipolar disorder.

“No, he’s not. We’re selectively together for all the right reasons,” Voorhies told Frazier. “I had a sweep with textbook, uh, clinical depression in remove of my first marriage. But that is basically all it’s been.”

Lisa Turtle might not be okay. Watch Voorhies’ bizarre responses, via Entertainment Tonight.