As part of The Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Georgia, Eminem penned a heartfelt tribute penned to Afeni Shakur, showing the Detroit native’s profound respect for the fallen West Coast rap icon, Tupac.

Apologizing for the imperfect, Eminem thanks Afeni for being kind to him and embodying what he identifies as a true queen. The “Not Afraid” rapper praises the influence that Tupac had on him, his career and even his tenacious spirit in hip-hop.

“When I was feeling at my worst, I knew I could put that Tupac tape in, and suddenly things weren’t so bad,” Em wrote. “Thank you for giving us his spirit and yours! God bless you!” He complemented the devout letter with a stenciled drawing of ‘Pac rocking his signature bandana and Jesus cross chain dangling from his neck. Under it, a message that read, “Your friend 4-ever!”

Eminem has long shown his affection for ‘Pac since his 2003 MTV collaborative project, Reconstructing Tupac, where he produced soundtracks for the MTV film. “There’s a lot of things about Pac that stood out,” Eminem told MTV of the project at the time. “Personality. I guess no matter what color you was or where you came from, you felt like you could relate to him. He made you feel like you knew him. I think that honestly, Tupac was the greatest songwriter that ever lived.”

Check out Em’s letter and dope sketching skills of the legendary rap magnate right here.