In part one of a five-part online documentary, #FutureHive leader, Future Hendrix comes clean about life after Ciara and his 2014 Honest record.

Shot in black-and-white, the documentary follows the Atlanta hit maker as he battles a seasonal cold. While choppin’ it up with famed journalist Elliot Wilson, Future opens up about the experiment he took with Honest, and how he managed the negative reactions afterwards.

“I feel like I’m just losing by myself,” Future said. “And I’m not responsible for the situation that I’m putting myself in. I took so much advice, I put myself in so many situations and I was like, ’Man I can’t be out here. I gotta just go back home. I gotta record, I gotta back comfortable with doing the music that I’m doing.’”

To combat the unexpected results, Future hoped to get back in the studio with then fiancee Ciara to create a follow up to 2013’s smash “Body Party”, but realized Cici wanted to go in another direction, which appears to have been the Genesis of the couple’s split.

“We finished the album before she just dropped and she didn’t want us to be a part of it at first, and I’m like, ’Damn we just came off a number one and you go straight to Dr. Luke and start working with him,’” the 31 year old said. “So me and Mike Will, we didn’t even get a chance to work on the album — the last album, even though we had a number one, coming off a number one. I thought that was a little weird.” and we’re still in a relationship, so it was like, sh-t kinda threw me off.”

Watch the documentary to hear Future’s thoughts on why their relationship didn’t last.

It seems as if after high-profile couples break up, dirty laundry is exposed. Case in point: Future and his ex-fiancee, Ciara.

After the first installment of his “Like I Never Left” documentary was released, the “Real Singers” lyricist admitted he wanted to marry Cici but wasn’t totally comfortable.

“I want to marry you, but I can’t have a big wedding on E! News,” the Atlanta producer confessed to journalist Elliot Wilson. “I can’t have all these big media outlets cover my wedding. I’m not comfortable.”

Ciara, who is now the new brand ambassador for TopShop, took to Twitter Monday (July 13) to respond to Future’s comments.