St. Vincent and the Grenadines and abroad, Island Soul ENT., Tuff Records and Prez784Music is thrilled to announce the release of the latest single from Prez, Big Poppa, available everywhere on 15/7/15.

Big Poppa is a Modern day reinvention of the late great Biggie Smallz Original Track, Prez’s version of the hip hop classic is a bit more melodic infused with Caribbean language and feelings. It’s a hell of a way to kick start what will be a huge summer for SVG music. If you have to compare this record to any of Prez’s earlier work you can hear patterns of his last hit single Mine with the use of an intoxicated flow in Big Poppa. It will be the first of three classic remake records for Prez this summer till the end of the year.

Prez took time away from music to focus more on family and helping out up and coming artist he see’s talent in and aid them in growth and sound. Using ideas and jewels he learned from mentor Alex Kubiyashi Barnwell he believes the new sound he describes as Feel good mixed with under the influence melodies as he describes it will do away with the current trend of trap and turn up music polluting the air waves. He wants to encourage, motivate and speak on real life happenings and push other artist to pursue the same.

Dj Krptonite- “I really think it’s a great spin to the classic track and does justice to the feel the original piece had”

Booboo- “Prez always comes along with something new and fresh! A lot of ladies will be wanting to call him their Big Poppa after hearing this track”

Yung Quinc- “I think it’s a classic…Especially how it’s like a remake to Big Poppa by Biggie Smalls… I think females will love it and all the players, pimps and guys will bump to this”

French Montana- “Smurf found a gem in this artist I’m happy he is a Coke Boy affiliate. RIP Chinx. Haaaaaaaan”