With music pumping and patrons reveling in the atmosphere, leading Vincentian fashion designer, Zulema N. George, recently celebrated in style the third anniversary of AK Couture Boutique & Beauty Bar in the epicenter of the Caribbean community in Brooklyn.

The boutique, located at 4516 Church Ave., between East 45th and 46th streets, was a hive of activities, as George, its owner, was busy greeting patrons, while having fun.

“I’m proud to be in a group of selected few entrepreneurs that are able to sustain their business in these times,” George told Caribbean Life afterwards.

“All of my goals are not yet accomplish — I guess it’s because I have so many (LOL), but I can say that my main goals of keeping my doors open while still providing my customers with excellent service and merchandise were definitely realized,” she added.

“Success is relative. I’m successful because I have a great support system,” George continued. “I am successful because I have customers who believe in me and continuously support me.”

Two other designers were also featured during the celebrations: KMichele (handbags) and Peta Odini (menswear).

During the past three years, George said her first accomplishment was to launch her own clothing line, H.A.U.T.E., which was done in December.

To date, she said she has released and sold items from two collections.

Her second accomplishment was launching her store’s app, which is available for iOS and Android!

For the immediate future, George said she wants to continue providing haute clothing for customers.

“I want to continue working on my clothing line, definitely release more collections,” she said. “I would LOVE to have at least one more location.”

George, who was born in September 1973, is the only child of Vincentians, economist / accountant Auton “Frankie” George and his wife Edna, a registered nurse.