50 Cent is known for cracking jokes on his fellow rappers, but the G-Unit boss is not afraid to clown himself as well. After the world found out he has filed for bankruptcy, the Queens representative posted a picture on Instagram making fun of the situation.

Yesterday (July 14), 50 was a guest on ESPN2’s His & Hers. Hosts Michael Smith and Jemele Hill asked Fif about his IG picture.

“If you do it to other people, you can’t take yourself that serious. People love tragedy,” said 50. “It’s like the way they’d put LeBron’s face up after the championship. But you was just rooting for LeBron, right? Because it was feeling like he was gonna win it by himself.”

The producer of the hit Starz program Power would not go into much detail about filing for bankruptcy, but 50 did offer a slick warning to any of his rivals that may want to use the situation to send shots his way.

“I watch people do it, and you let them enjoy themselves for a moment. Then it starts to shift, because they realize [me filing for bankruptcy is] not what they think it is,” added 50. “I just watch to see which one of them says something, because I’m gonna see you in a little bit.”