Chris Brown might have fully given up on getting his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran back, at least that’s what he is telling his people.

Brown and Tran has not spoken to each other since their big blow up outside Playhouse nightclub in June and subsequent war of words on Instagram.

Sources close to the former couple told Urban Islandz that Breezy has decided it’s best to hang up the towel and has deleted all contacts for his ex.

“I don’t think at this time he (Chris Brown) expect to get back with Karrueche, after all he fully accepts the blame and acknowledge that he screwed up big time,” a highly placed source told us.

“Chris did what any man in his situation would have done and that is apologize to her and try to get his girl back, but she shut him down over and over and you can’t blame her, she has every right to do that,” Urban Islandz source revealed. “It’s now up to Breezy to decide whether or not he want to pursue her or just move on and the signs are pretty clear that he is moving past this.”

“Breezy is just focusing on raising his beautiful daughter Royalty and making good music because that is what he does best,” our source said. “He genuinely feel like he will not get her back this time and sometimes you just have to follow your gut feeling.”

Our source also told us that Karrueche Tran maybe starting to miss Chris Brown and it wouldn’t be surprising if one day in the near future she reached out to him.

“I definitely think that she is missing Breezy but maybe she is just afraid of the backlash she will get if she get back together with him, but in this world you have to just follow your heart and do what you want to do. Breezy is a good kid who just make poor choices sometimes,” our source added. “It is also hard for him, everyone around him can see that he is missing her but chicks will come and chicks will go.”

Chris Brown has been showing off his new pad on Instagram and has reportedly invited Rihanna to come over for a tour of the property.

Maybe that’s his way of making Karrueche jealous.