Video surveillance surfaced Wednesday (July 15) showing notorious Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s bold escape from a maximum security prison.

In the footage, 60-year-old Guzman dressed in prison clothes calmly walks to the shower inside his cell. He then ducks behind the wall, and vanishes. According to reports, Guzman’s cell was under a 24-hour supervision, but the drug lord took advantage of two blind spots, the toilet and shower.

Authorities later learned “El Chapo” which means “shorty,” exited through a hole under his shower and then trekked the mile-long tunnel to freedom. A bracelet given to Chapo which detected his movements while inside the prison was left behind.

This isn’t Chapo’s first escape. On January 19, 2001, Chapo then 46, escaped from prison by hiding in a dirty laundry cart, which guards led to the prison gate.

Since his most recent escape, the prison director and other prison officials have been fired. CNN reports it’s likely El Chapo received help from guards. A manhunt is now underway to locate El Chapo and a $3.8 million reward leading to his whereabouts and arrest has been issued.