LADY Saw promised “30 minutes of fire” when she was announced the closing act for Dancehall Night of Reggae Sumfest 2015. And on Thursday night, the Queen of the dancehall was scorching.

The 46-year-old female deejay, who has been embroiled in a war of words with female act Spice, used the opportunity to silence the critics from the moment she stepped onto the stage at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay at 6:00 am.

She was attired in a flouncy white dress with a pear-encrusted bodice — designed by Curt Campbell, winner of season three of the television reality show Mission Catwalk. She teamed the outfit with towering blue Christian Louboutin heels and a platinum blonde wig.

Lady Saw’s opening salvo was a new track she wrote just for this performance, You Don’t Have to Hate Me Cause I’m Bad. This sent up wild cheers from the thousands who stayed behind to watch her historic performance as the first woman to close a major reggae festival in Jamaica.

The new and unknown tracks kept flowing and her audience was thrilled. On-the-spot rhymes came at spit-fire pace and she seemed unstoppable. She would later launch into a medley of her known tracks dedicated to the female anatomy and, by then, the deal was signed and sealed.

Speaking to the Jamaica Observer following her performance, Lady Saw was brimming with confidence.

“I was so pleased when I looked out there and saw that the people had waited for me and that they were enjoying themselves. For the first song, I had to say something. I want something that strong, ’cause over the years, them say mi mad, but I had to tell them a nuh mad mi mad, a bad mi bad,” she said, switching seamlessly from standard English to the Jamaican creole.

“I also dropped the song Little Bit, which I wrote a few days ago, plus the song The Day Will Never Come, and there were songs I didn’t even get to do…but it feels great.”

Lady Saw (given name Marion Hall) said she was never concerned about performing unknown songs for her audience at a major event, as she is confident of her talent.

“I don’t need a hit song to rip a stage. I don’t need a hit song to get shows…I am Lady Saw. I am so very talented that I surprise myself sometimes… I exceed my own expectations sometimes, so that’s why I say it’s better you leave me alone,” she asserted.
Jamaica Observer