Nia is putting her foot down on Royalty visiting Breezy’s “party house” in LA. Chris’ baby mama already expressed discomfort about Royalty spending so much time at Breezy’s house around all his friends, ESPECIALLY after the break-in. Now, she’s trying to set some new conditions on the baby’s visitation to make sure she’s safe and taken care of. Apparently Breezy hears her loud and clear and doesn’t plan on putting up a fight.

Via HollywoodLife:

Three armed men broke into Breezy’s home on July 15. They held Chris’s aunt hostage in a locked closet before they looted the place. Yikes! This break-in came just over two months after Chris found a naked female intruder lying in his bed. It seems like everyone’s breaking into Chris’s home and this has Nia worried about Chris and the safety of their daughter!

“She was really upset,” an insider EXCLUSIVELY told “Even though she can’t stand him, she wants him to take care of himself.” Nia also wants Royalty to grow up with her father, the source said. But, before she can feel comfortable enough to let her stay over with Breezy, he needs to make an effort to ensure she’s safe!

Message received! After Nia blasted Chris over putting their daughter at risk, the source tells that he agreed to the condition that “he would always have his mother Joyce around when he’s with Royalty, just to give Nia that extra sigh of relief and comfort.”