Suge Knight isn’t having the best 2015. His attorney, Tom Mesereau, has reportedly filed new documents claiming that he requests to be in a new place with full access to a competent medical facility. The main reason? Doctors report that the former Death Row Records kingpin could possibly have a brain tumor.

According to his attorney, Knight, who’s being held on $10 million dollar bond for a hit and run murder, was complaining of complete numbness on one side of his body. As a result, he wants to be checked out and sent to a place with not only a better hospital, but with a bigger bed and a better toilet. The attorney also claims that he wants to be transferred for the sake of his mental and physical health as he claims that his enormous 6’2″ frame can’t fit the bed and that his toilet keeps flushing every 20 minutes.

Currently, Knight and his attorney are also trying to get the $10 million dollar bond lowered.