Bill Cosby told the woman who sued him for sexual assault to tell her mom she had an orgasm during sex, to make her mother believe the sex was consensual.
The full deposition of Andrea Constand — the Temple University basketball manager with whom Cosby settled — has been released, and it paints a picture of a guy who had a seduction playbook.

Cosby testified about a number of relationships with young woman, including a 19-year-old model who ended up pleasuring Cosby with lotion.
According to the New York Times, which obtained the full depo, Cosby seduced another woman by demonstrating concern over her father’s cancer. He would also offer career help to other attractive prospects.

Cosby talked about buying quaaludes for women, saying it was really just like offering them a drink. He claimed the women took the drug willingly, but when asked about one woman and whether she was capable of consenting to sex while under the influence, he said, “I don’t know.”

Cosby was so matter-of-fact and even flippant during the depo, Constand’s lawyer said, “I think you’re making light of a very serious situation.” Cosby responded, “That may very well be.”