Chris Brown believes that four of his best friends were involved in the home invasion robbery that transpired at his home July 16, TMZ reports.

The “Loyal” singer was paid $50,000 cash for his club appearance at the Argyle nightclub in Hollywood, California. The robbers reportedly knew that the $50,000 payment was in a safe at Brown’s home.

Officer Liliana Preciado of the LAPD say the criminals got away with personal items, electronics and an unknown amount of cash from Brown’s residence.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they suspect the four home invaders were not just casual friends of the singer, but friends that he considered close to him.

TMZ also reports that law enforcement believe, based on what the robbers told Breezy’s aunt, they had someone at the club keeping tabs on him.

They also suspect that the club promoters and the Bloods were also involved in orchestrating the robbery.

An officer from the LAPD Gang Unit has been assigned to the case.