According to multiple sources, Solange (Who seem to be in a bad mood all night after a couple drinks ) Got into a heated argument with renowned designer and friend of Kim Kardashian Rachel Roy.

While It Is still unknown what cause the argument between the two, the next Interaction can be the assumed reason for the elevator assault. Solange was seen getting into the face of Roy and threating her with violence in the crowded gala event. Beyonce attemped to defuse the situation but ended up coming to little sister’s defense from the towering 6’1 Rachel Roy (In Heels). Quoted Saying “You don’t get to talk to anyone in my family like that.” At this point Jay Z became agitated and approached Solange, grabbing her arm and pulling her away From Ms. Roy. Our source says he was heard saying “This is not how we act in public, You are embarrassing Yourself, Dan (Solange’s Son) Your Sister, And Most of all me. Calm The F*ck Down or I will have Ju (Jay z and Beyonce’s Body Guard) TAKE YO ASS HOME!!!” Solange reply was simple. While choking back tears she said “F*ck It then, LETS GO!!!” Then Storms off. Followed closely by Beyonce, Jay z, and their bodyguard.

While at the elevator Solange can be heard screaming at Jay, “Don’t Ever Put Your F*ckin hands on me again!!!” Jay z replies to her, but was it was to low to be heard by our source. Solange Continued “Why didn’t you say that to her?!” “I’m not blue, I’m not your f*ckin daughter. You don’t tell me what to do. I’m a grown ass woman” Jay z whispers something else to her In which she replies as the elevator doors open and Beyonce walks in, “I will come wherever I want, Who the f*ck do you think you are?!” The elevator doors close.