On the heels of a successful Reggae Sumfest performance, Gaza Slim, who now goes by the name Vanessa Bling, has departed the island on her newly acquired US work permit visa.

“From you put your trust in God and not man, what’s for you will never miss you,” she told THE STAR.

“It’s a great feeling. I mean, it’s a blessing from God, and I give thanks to the Great One above for the chance to showcase my talent to my fans in the US.”

Gaza Slim, who has been missing from the Reggae Sumfest line-up for five years, said she was pleased with the response from the audience when she performed on the Montego Bay show last Thursday.

“First and foremost, I put God first in everything I do, and as you know, I started my performance with my gospel song, Mercy, and from there everything was a success. So I think I did great,” she told THE STAR.

The artiste is also gearing up for her busy summer schedule, with shows both locally and internationally.

“On August 1, I’ll be in Hanover, Jamaica, and then it’s off to Bahamas (Nassau and Abaco). After that, I will be in the US, which I’m very excited to perform for my fans there. Then it’s off to St Kitts and Antigua, after which I will get ready for my European tour.”