Thursdays just aren’t the same now that Scandal isn’t on television.

Gone are the days of wondering who’s B-614, or live tweeting one-liners from Papa Pope’s epic monologues. Now Thursdays are just…Thursdays.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. In a 30-second teaser for season 5 of Scandal, stans of the ABC hit drama got a chance to walk down memory lane and relive some of Olivia and Fitz’s most romantic moments, with just a glimpse of what may come.

Yes, he’s still the president and yes, he’s still married, but that hasn’t stopped the two lovebirds before. If you’re team Fitz and Olivia, this promo is just what you need to hold on until the Sept. 24th premiere. If not, well there’s always How To Get Away With Murder.