Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been a long time fan of hip-hop, so much so her children with Coldplay’s Chris Martin refer to Jay Z as Uncle Jay. Paltrow has taken her love for the culture one step further by designing a line of clutches with the names of some of her favorite hip-hop artists on them.

Bedazzled on the front of the purses, customers can purchase either a Hov, which is a sleek, all black purse, Biggie or Pac, which are both ocean blue. Also a die-hard Eminem fan, Paltrow paid homage the Detroit rapper by creating a gold “Shady” purse that shares the same type design as Hov’s.

But don’t think Paltrow’s purses come cheap. One of these clutches will run you a smooth $1,695. There are only 165,000 clutches being made so if you want one, act fast.\