Carnival may be behind him but the show is certainly not over for Ryan “Royall” Abraham. After performing at a few more local shows including Canouan carnival, Royall broke new ground and took his show abroad.

His first stop was Crop Over in Barbados, where he performed his 2015 hit “Dust it Up.” A frequent visitor to Barbados with a strong UWI following, Royall was well received. He then moved on to Caribana in Canada.

On arriving in Toronto, Royall wasted no time linking up with producer, Simply Smooth at Moonies Entertainment studio to cut dubplates.

Royall will perform at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival Parade and later, at another show, “Worst Behaviour,” along with other local artistes such as Hypa 4000, Skinny Fabulous, Problem Child & Fireman Hooper.

He is also scheduled to perform at a pool party/wet fete tomorrow as well as Fire Fete.