Internet sensation-cum-deejay Gully Bop and his management team, Heavy-D Promotions, has parted ways effective immediately.

According to Junior ‘Heavy-D’ Fraser, principal of Heavy-D Promotions, the artiste is “out of control” and is constantly making disparaging remarks about his team.

“Gully Bop is out of control and is making it impossible to work with. He is not listening to me, Shauna Chin or anybody else. He does not want any agent fees or expenses to be deducted from his income received. Bop doesn’t understand the business at all and believes that whatever he makes is for him to give away to poor people in the street. How the bills are gonna be paid then? There are expenses for every tour!” said Fraser in a statement yesterday.

“He must cease and desist from making all damaging remarks. We collect only 20 per cent as agreed for bookings and management,” the release continued.

Gully Bop/Country Man (given name Robert Lee Malcolm) became an Internet sensation after a video of him freestyling lyrics to his song, Dem no Bad Like Me, went viral. The deejay, who hails from Southside in Central Kingston and Grants Pen in St Andrew, has admitted he had personal challenges in the past.

“Mi en’ up a walk dirty. Mi all smoke a couple season ‘spliff’. I am not a madman or ‘cokehead’ as some people believe. Mi neva haffi tek no therapy fi get better,” he stated in an interview last year.

Fraser said he wishes the artiste all the best in his career. “I wish nothing but the best for Bop. I tried my best to help him and resolve all issues, but it seems to make no sense,” he said.