Today, history is made as Trinidad & Tobago launches the first ever Caribbean Dance Music Conference.

Caribbean Dance Music(CDM) is the fusion of all Caribbean genres of music, such as, Dancehall, Soca, Reggae and Zouk, with dance genres, such as Trap, Techno, Dubstep & House. This flavorful explosion of vibes is quickly becoming popular worldwide, and as such, the Caribbean Dance Music Conference (CDMC) was created as a means of promoting this new genre of music throughout the Caribbean.

Organizer of CDMC, Karrilee Fifi, who is also the organizer of Trinidad’s top EDM events – WETT Republic and Sunset Festival, aims to make this new fusion “more palatable to the Caribbean” in a marketable way. She believes that in order for the EDM scene to experience growth, people must be able to see the value in it.

CDMC is a 4 day event that launches tonight at 10:00PM. It will be followed by a conference, workshops and seminars at the Hyatt Regency tomorrow featuring International & Regional Speakers, Industry Leaders, Djs and Producers on topics such as Copyright & Licensing, Youtube optimization, Digital Marketing, Technology Talks, Brand Building, Production & Sound Engineering and more. Among the speakers are Collective Digital Studios – specializing in Youtube optimization, Wayne Marshal – a techno-musicologist and Harvard professor specializing in Caribbean music genres & fusions and St. Vincent’s own super producer Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell who worked with one of the leaders in EDM music – Major Lazer.

Kubiyashi expressed delight in being invited to impart his knowledge among his peers and is of the firm belief that the distribution of information is imperative to the growth of the Caribbean music industry.

CDMC will also host live performances from various acts such as KickRaux – a future dancehall group from Jamaica, DJ Jack Novak – a female DJ from Chicago and Bass Gang – Trinidadian DJ/Producer collective.

More information on CDMC can be found on their Facebook page.

More information on CMD Generation can be found on their Facebook page and their website.