Michael Anthony’s famous novel Green Days by the River has been turned into a feature film.

Green Days’ features the coming-of-age-story of of a boy growing up in lush Mayaro, illustrating the wonder of a country and a boy on the cusp of great change.

The film will be directed by award-winning filmmaker Michael Mooleedhar who carefully selected the beloved story to be his debut narrative feature film.

“We have been working hard to make Green Days by the River become a reality as a means to help build a Caribbean Film industry and own our cinema.

“As director of the project I am extremely excited for the journey to come.

“Green Days is a simple story, but the coming of age experience is an universally complex one.”
The film was selected by the Caribbean Film Mart as one of only 15 projects chosen from over 100 applicants in the Region.

Films were chosen by the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival team and affiliated film associations based on their potential for advancing the Caribbean film landscape.

Producer Christian James said the film’s inclusion in the Caribbean Film Mart is great news.

“Green Days’ selection into the inaugural Caribbean Film Mart is a tremendous achievement.”

“It will open the doors to key players in the global film industry and allow international audiences to experience our unique vision, culture and stories.

“In the film industry universe, there are so many ‘firsts’ still to be achieved by Caribbean Cinema that we have a lot we can aspire to.”
The film is set for a 2016 release, with a script written by Dawn Cumberbatch.

Author Michael Anthony grew up in Mayaro and is a prolific writer and eminent historian with more than 20 publications under his belt.

Anthony was awarded the prestigious Hummingbird Medal in 1979.