While the Internet (and Future) continue to express their sentiments over Ciara and Russell Wilson’s relationship, it seems the couple is bypassing public opinion. In a recent interview with radio host Dan Patrick, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback briefly discussed his courtship with the singer, and was probed about which ring would come first: another Super Bowl title or an engagement ring for Ci-Ci.

“I don’t know, hopefully both,” he replied, according to multiple reports.

Wilson also gushed about Ciara’s athletic ability when asked who would win in a 40-yard dash between him and his lady. Referencing her track and field history, Wilson acknowledged that while she is fast, he would take the “W.” He was also told to pick which off-season acquisition was more valuable, Ciara or tight end Jimmy Graham, to which he again opted for both choices.

“I’ll take both of them and I’m truly winning. I’m truly winning in that category. I got Jimmy Graham, who’s 6’7 and runs a 4-5, and I have Ciara, who can dance with the best of ‘em and sing with the best of ‘em. It’s exciting, it’s good news.”