With his past expertise in matters concerning rapper beef, Ja Rule recently appeared on MTV2’s “Uncommon Sense With Charlamagne Tha God” to speak on the feud between Meek Mill and Drake.

The Queens, New York lyricist, who was well known for his feud with 50 Cent, revealed that in his opinion, it may be difficult for Meek to come back from Drake’s disses. Ja also spoke on the possibility of a confrontation between the two rappers.

“At this point it’s gonna be tough for Meek—The world is doing this ‘Na-na-na-na. We wanna hear Drake’…We off the streets. So, your street mentality kicks in first,” Ja Rule said. “‘However you wanna do it homeboy. You wanna do it on wax. You wanna do it off the streets. However you wanna do it. You know what I’m saying? We can do it either way.’ That’s where Meek’s at with it. Drake’s probably at that point with it too. Like ‘Yo, I said what I said and I know I’mma have to see you somewhere.’”

Prior to speaking on Meek Mill versus Drake, Ja Rule spoke on beef today compared with beef years ago, when he actively feuded with 50 Cent. He specifically spoke on the presence of social media and the effect it has when it concerns beef between two artists.

“It’s very different,” he said when asked about beef today as opposed to years ago. “I mean, first of all, you got social media. And everybody’s involved. I mean, it was like that too. People kinda choose sides. Even with Big and Pac’s thing. West Coast/East Coast. That’s always gonna be a part, where you have people choosing sides. But I think it’s a little different now with Twitter and Instagram. All the memes and all that crazy [stuff]…With all of that it makes it more less about the music and more about the jokes and the buffoonery of it all.”