Jhené Aiko accidentally stepped in the worst kind of isht on Saturday in a failed attempt to stand up for Drake and Beyoncé. The singer evoked the wrath of the BeyHive when she seemed to imply, by way of a compliment, Queen Bey and Drizzy are experts at “trickery and deciet.”

Let us rewind this one for you: Aiko replied to a tweet about the superstars from one of her followers — who said that “Drake an artist not a rapper so i dont expect him to write all his s***. Beyonce dont write all her s***,” — with a screengrab of the dictionary definition of an artist. She drew attention to one of the points, which defines an artist as “a person who is expert at trickery or deceit.”

Though Aiko was probably trying to stand up for the chart toppers, the BeyHive sure didn’t take it that way. She quickly clarified her comments in a string of follow-up tweets:

“I’ve never considered the word ‘artist’ to coincide with the word ‘deceitful’, but apparently in the dictionary it does,” she wrote. “I don’t think your faves are deceitful.”

Hopefully Meek Mill didn’t just cost Jhené her career, too.