According to TMZ, Howard lost it while explaining that he signed a settlement agreement with Ghent because she threatened to release confidential medical information that would tarnish his image and make it “impossible for him to ever work in Hollywood again.” The exact instance that the actor is referring to is a conversation that he taped while on the phone with Ghent where she allegedly threatened to tell various people that he had an STD.

During his testimony, he also revealed that he felt pressured to sign the settlement ageement, which gave her a large sum of money, because she threatened to blackmail him by releasing a sex tape that stars him and another woman.

Howard is currently trying to reverse the settlement, which states that he has to give Ghent $5,800 a month in spousal support and a huge chunk of his Empire earnings.

The show’s network, Fox is also caught up in the courts, as she’s demanding her cut of his check directly from the multinational corporation.

The second season hits airwaves Sept. 23.