Dancehall artiste Gully Bop and his partner are hot topics on social media once again, following an interview in the United States, recently.

The interview, which surfaced on Facebook, shows Gully Bop begging the US government, specifically President Obama, to allow his fiancée, Shauna Chin, re-entry into the country.

It is not clear why Chin cannot travel to the US, but it is clear Bop wants the country to forgive her wrongdoings. “Mi waah ask the government inna di country, weh mi deh right now, fi just forgive her fi anything weh she do inna America,” he said in the interview.

“She neva kill nuh body a America, she neva shoot nuh body, she nah sell nuh crocos bag a drugs. She young, man, so mi a beg America government fi even give her a chance.”

His plight did not go down well with social-media users, who have put the entertainer on blast for making such a request.

“He sounded like an uneducated fool, I swear, mi lose awfa him,” said one user.

“No, man, the hype get to this man yah head! Him think him a the great Bob? Easy, Gully Bop. When Uncle Sam say no, no little man can’t come to them, bout you a beg, please,” said another.

Others attacked Chin, stating that she was only using Bop’s spotlight to gain attention. Other users were angry with Bop for making what many dubbed a ‘stupid request’. Their anger was further fueled when Bop made mention of reggae artiste Chronixx during the interview.

Bop called the Here Comes Trouble singer a “careless artiste”. He made reference to Chronixx allegedly calling Obama a ‘wasteman’ earlier this year.

“Yuh come inna my country and one likkle careless artiste a go seh sup’n bout yuh,” he said. “Mek Jamaica people tell yuh how mi deal wid him. Mi deal wid him wicked cuz him bright and outta order.”

Facebook users further unleashed their wrath on Bop. “Leave Chronixx name outta your begging,” said one user.

“Gully Bop, leave Chronix name outta yuh mouth! But look pan u to nuh. Is like u caa do a interview without a mention people name inna yuh rotten mouth,” another posted.