Dancehall star Macka Diamond recently set social media ablaze with her decision to go braless while wearing a sheer dress that showcased her breasts.

She hit the road wearing the dress at Day Rave Thursdays and All-Star Thursdays, where she fielded compliments from fellow artistes, fans and admirers.”Ah crazy excitement when mi touch the road, the male artistes say mi a gwaan good. a selector all go pon the mike and talk say mi a juck out him eye,” a laughing Macka Diamond said.

She said that it had been years since she had felt confident enough to wear an outfit like that.

“I have worn outfits like that before, but I hadn’t done it in years. but when I saw this dress, I knew that I could do it justice, and when mi touch the road, ah pandemonium. Traffic stop, mad compliments, crazy picture, the young guys dem a stalk me now pon Instagram and Facebook,” he said.

On Facebook, users left comments such as “the ever-youthful Mackadocious, looking good”, and “Skin Clean Like A Whistle !Can’t Touch This !!” and “Empress Macka! You keep on rocking it !!”.

She will be launching the video for her new single, Masquita One, on Wednesday at the Smurf Turf bar on Anderson Road, Woodford Park, Kingston. There are also plans to shoot a video for her ultra-popular Weave song. Its unofficial video has gone viral.