Versatile Vincentian singer-man, Skarpyon the Stinger Man, is currently in the UK for the 2015 Wycombe Caribbean Action Group’s Community Day Carnival.

The annual event is hosted by Vincentians living in the UK in an attempt to expose and promote SVG’s talent to the UK community.

Upon his arrival, Skarpyon was pleasantly surprised and delighted by the amazing hospitality that greeted him which he expressed through a video on his Facebook page:

The personalized mug, hat and t-shirt were gifted to Skarpyon from Cressex Embroidery, one of the sponsors of the event and a company owned by Vincentian George Thomas, originally from Calder, and his children Justine and Anthony.

George Thomas & Skarpyon

George Thomas & Skarpyon


The Wycombe Caribbean Action Group’s Community Day Carnival, hosted on August 23rd, will be attended by numerous Caribbean people living in the UK and will include entertainment for kids, various Caribbean food stalls, book stalls as well as health & fitness. The event has seen performances fron other Vincentian artistes such as Fireman Hooper, Bomani and Fya Empress.

While Skarpyon is looking forward to putting on an exceptional performance at this event, he is also excited about other events in which he will be participating, alongside the Nottinghill Committee.

Music-wise, Skarpyon has been busy. Dropping soon, is his dancehall/pop track called ‘Professional Dancer,’ featured on 4th Dimension’s ‘Eva Riddim.’

He also has another track on the ‘Sing Out Riddim,’ called ‘Make Money’ that will also be realeased soon and is already working on soca to be released later this year.

Skarpyon’s ‘Voice Projection’ album is available for sale at music center for only XCD $30.00. Be sure to pick up a copy!