Madame Tussauds revealed their wax figure of Nicki Minaj earlier this month at their Las Vegas location at the Venetian Hotel and Casino. Taken from her video “Anaconda,” Nicki’s career-defining moment was captured for everyone to see. But recently, many fans and tourists who have visited the figure have been wildly disrespectful and posting their pics on social media.

These “fans,” particularly men, have taken images of them licking, riding and touching the wax Minaj. They are even mimicking sex acts. While their intention is to be funny, some of these photos don’t put her in a respectable light.

Azealia Banks voiced her opinion about the statue on Twitter, stating, “Wow, they finally give nicki minaj a wax figure and it’s a statue of her bent over on all fours…… White people yo… “All ppl are gonna do is go up to that statue and take pictures shoving their crotch in her face and putting their crotch on her butt.” She wasn’t wrong.

Madame Tussauds released a statement on Twitter about these fans, which you can read below.




poor nicky


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