Nicki Minaj’s ex, Safaree Samuels, arrived in Jamaica on a American Airlines flight from Miami on August 19 at the Norman Manley airport in Kingston.

Since arriving in the island the rapper has been updating his Instagram account constantly, keeping fans up to date with his movements in and around the island .

When Samuels arrived in the island he wrote on his Instagram, “Jamaica mi deya STRAIIITTT!!!! feels surreal to be back”

The rapper, who has Jamaican roots, made his 1st stop at Shorty’s Jerk chicken on Red Hills Rd, which he called the “best jerk chicken” he has had in his life.

Samuels next stop was to hang out with ZJ liquid, then he had the opportunity of meeting one of his musical idols, Bounty Killer.

“Anyone that knows me knows that @grunggaadzilla aka Bounty killer” is my favourite artist of all time in any genre of music.. Up to this day I listen to this man’s music every day and have been for as long as I’ve been alive. My bounty playlist is Mad,” said Samuels on Instagram.

He also bragged to his fans that he didn’t even need an introduction as Bounty Killer was already aware of who he was.

“Maddddd!! God knows what he’s doing cuz its crazy the time when I finally meet him he knows me by name and I didnt even need to be introduced.. I could go on forever about this but ill keep it short!! Humbling experience,” added an ecstatic Samuels on Instagram.

Samuels has been touring all across Jamaica he’s visited studios, radio shows, televisions, and shows and even spent some time vibing in uptown, Kingston.

“Kingston, Uptown…, “said Samuels on Instagram.