A judge will determine whether Terrence Howard can overturn a divorce settlement with his second wife because of his claims she extorted him to sign the agreement by threatening to leak private information.

The ruling expected today will not end legal fighting between Howard and his ex-wife Michelle Ghent but a significant amount of money is at stake. The pair’s divorce settlement entitles Ghent to a share of Howard’s earnings, including from his starring role on the hit television series “Empire.” The second season of the show debuts this fall.

Superior Court Judge Thomas Trent Lewis convened a four-day hearing recently to hear testimony about Howard’s claims. The judge has not signaled how he will rule.

If he rules in Ghent’s favor, Lewis will convene another hearing to determine how much Howard owes.

Testimony during the hearing revealed numerous private details about the actor, including his admission that he had cheated on Ghent during their engagement, that he kept years of phone sex recordings with multiple women, and that he has already divorced his third wife.

Lewis also heard a 2011 call in which Ghent berated Howard and threatened to sell his private information if he didn’t pay her money by the end of the day. Howard’s accountant sent Ghent $40,000 in response to the call, which he called “hush money.”

The actor called it “blood money.” He told Lewis that leaking the information at the time would have ended his acting career.