Music producer and artiste manager Jeremy Harding has signed dancehall star Konshens to his 2 Hard Music label. Harding will be responsible for the development and management of the entertainer.

In an exclusive interview with the Jamaica Observer, Harding revealed why he’s working with Konshens.

“I’ve been talking with a number of artistes over the past couple years about management. I see potential in them; I see where their careers need a little nudge here or there to get them on track. Konshens is the one with the most potential by far to make the next leap internationally. He has the audience, the dancehall pedigree, the image, the musical intelligence and the business acumen. He’s a force…I’m a force. Let’s see what happens,” said Harding.

Harding, a noted producer who scored success on the international music charts with hits including Beenie Man’s Who Am I (Zim Zimma); Tanto Metro and Devonte’s Give it to Her, is known for bringing Sean Paul to international acclaim.

Harding managed Sean Paul from 1995 to 2011. His skills as a manager are known throughout the industry, having brought Sean Paul from obscurity to a multi-platinum selling Grammy winning artiste.

“Sean Paul is a great artiste, great individual. We wrote the modern history books on dancehall together, I’m very proud of that,” said Harding.

He explained his plans to bring Konshens to the international market.

Konshens said he was excited about the partnership.

“I think Jeremy Harding as manager with the brand and calibre of artiste that I am and can be; there are great things to come from such a partnership,” he said.

Konshens is known for hits including Gal a Bubble, Stop Sign, Winner, Realest Song, She’s Happy and Couple Up.