He’s an avid fan of the ancient Egyptian dynasty and has based his music and lifestyle on the historic tales.

But it seems as though Tyga’s attempt at “Kingin” hasn’t quite come to pass as he suffered another defeat in the battle against his landlord.

According to TMZ, the 25-year-old rapper has been ordered to pay over $70k to the owner of his Calabasas property following a dispute over rent payments… a house the star is suing to prove is his.

The entertainment site reported that Tyga, who is currently dating Kylie Jenner, didn’t appear in court on Monday where the judge ruled against him.

It is also alleged that alongside the hefty bill, the father-of-one also has to move out of the property.

However the musician, real name Michael Nguyen-Stevenson, gave his side of the story following news he had failed to pay two months of rent on his Calabasas home – and enlisted the help of his lawyer to try to prove it.

Nguyen-Stevenson claimed that he had actually bought the house, and wasn’t renting, and has filed a breach of contract suit to prove so, reports state.

Tyga reportedly started the purchase of the house, which he shared with former partner Blac Chyna and their son King Cairo, a year ago, according to TMZ.

In the lawsuit, Tyga claims he put a down payment of $200,000 on the Calabasas house 12 months ago, with the landlord allegedly telling him he could move in during escrow, without paying the $25k a month rent on the property.

According to the rapper’s suit, the escrow was due to close months ago but the seller of the property didn’t provide Tyga’s bank with all the necessary information that would allow the loan to be processed, leading to a lengthy delay.

There was thought to be no written agreement in place between Tyga and his landlord though regarding the payment of rent during the escrow period.

The star’s lawyer, Lee Hutton told TMZ: ‘We evidently live in a world where a man’s word is no longer your bond.’

According to a previous report by TMZ, if the Rack City hitmaker did not pay money by July 1, the landlord was set to go for eviction and charge $833.33 a day in rent.

As Blac Chyna also lived in the house with the rapper, she was also named as a defendant.

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