50 Cent wants French Montana to know there are levels to this game, and the two New Yorkers are clearly not equals. The G-Unit boss sent a message to French warning the Bad Boy rapper to stay out of his feud with Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs.

“Frenchie better stay with my name out of his mouth. I’ll get tired of hearing him, and I’ll make it so his mouth can’t work,” 50 can be heard saying in a video before laughing. “Dead ass serious. When I’m talking to Puffy, I ain’t talking to you n*gga. Your name is Puffy? When did he change his name to Puffy?”

Fif’s vlog is an apparent response to French’s recent visit to The Breakfast Club. The Coke Boys leader was asked about being part of the friendly 50 Cent/Effen vs Diddy/Ciroc rivalry.

“Did you ever see somebody in the club with an Effen vodka bottle?” asked French. “I feel like 50 is a marketing genius. He took it away from making music to selling vodka. He’s doing the same technique [as Puffy]. We’re just having fun with it.”

Clearly 50 ain’t just having fun with it!!!