Dancehall artiste Munga Honorebel said his latest track, Another Prayer, was inspired by a brutal attack on his life on Friday evening.

“The song is real and it’s because of prayers why I am here today. Instead of thinking about retaliation, I just expressed my emotions and gratefulness in song,” he said.

The entertainer — whose given name is Damian Rhoden — was attacked and chopped as he sat with friends in the Jackson Town area of St Andrew. The incident has left the artiste nursing 34 stitches to his left shoulder.

Produced by Jah Ova Evil Records, Another Prayer is slated to be released this Friday.

“That is where it all happened,” Munga told the Jamaica Observer in the Jackson Town community as he recalled the incident.
“Me and mi fren dem just deh on the corner a make a mixtape. My back was turned to the road and only mi head deh inside the shop as I was instructing my brethren how to mix the tracks. Next ting me know is that me a get chop up,” he said.
The singjay said he didn’t get a chance to see his attacker.

“Me know a lot of persons expect retaliation, but that will not happen because a music my ting deh,” he said.
Munga said he intends to make a formal report to the police.

Despite being in pain, Munga said he is eagerly awaiting the release of his 34-track mixtape called Smooth Road on Thursday. Smooth Road will consist of tracks such as Stainless, Excuse Me, Steppings and Paper Chase.

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