Just over a week before New York’s Labour Day, West Indians answered the call in their numbers to be a part of a soca flash mob in Brooklyn.

The event was not meant to be affiliated with Labour Day but it brought Caribbean pride to the forefront as many gathered in front of the Barclays Centre, waving flags representative of their respective islands asw they executed a choreographed dance to Machel Montano’s and Angela Hunte’s Party Done.

Organiser of the soca flash mob, Oba Stephens, is still overwhelmed by the response.

“I am so overwhelmed by the attention that it got which is all positive. Everyone knew the song and loved it. It didn’t become an issue about an island thing, it became a Caribbean thing, I am proud of all of them. I looked at all the videos, it is wonderful, I love them,” he told Loop via phone from New York.

Stephens is a Trinidadian who was inspired by other flash mobs to do a Caribbean-themed one.

When he put out the call on Facebook, he intially expected about 50 people.

“By the end of the week it grew to over 900 people. I advertised on Facebook but I had to give credit to my friends who posted it on their pages as well,” he said.

Stephens said he wanted a song that was upbeat and he appraoched his choreographer friend Kiara Ross with some choices. Ross is a dance instructor with a degree in Dance from WQueen’s College and has performed for Alison Hinds, Olatunji and Patrice Roberts, among others.

“I said I have five songs but I need something that everyone could dance to, Party Done has a great hook, so we chose that,” said Stephens.

Asked his plans for next year, Stephens said he wasn’t sure if he’d do it again.

“I want it to be unique but more than likely I will do another one next year to break the record.”