Vincentian Soca star Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle was taken by members of the New York Police Department after performing at the Vincy Carnival All Stars event at the Cascades Ballroom last night.

The incident occurred after Skinny reportedly shelled down the fete at the Cascades Ballroom causing ignorant behaviour, encouraging patrons to break down defense and he has been further charged for mashing up international. Skinny, however, maintains that the officers have no justifiable cause for apprehending him. Police are now on the look out for Skinny’s 3 accomplices, Vincentians, Hypa 4000 and Problem Child and Barbadian, King Bubba who also shelled down the fete.

See video below:

To view more footage and images of their performances you can check @realproblemchild @kingbubbafm @hypa_4000. We were able to get this one image below from a fan attending the event.

Crowd shot during Hypa 4000's performance at Vincy All Stars Event.

Crowd shot during Hypa 4000’s performance at Vincy All Stars Event.

After contacting the artistes, we realized all is well with the Vincy team – this was merely post show shenanigans. The NYPD were fully impressed with the performances put down that night. Anyone interested in seeing team Vincy perform can catch them out and about at most of the major Labour Day events in New York.