The Irie Jam festival in New York took an awkward turn on Sunday when Red Rat refused to handover the mic to fellow artiste Mr Vegas when it was the former’s turn to exit the stage.

Red Rat was singing on stage and appeared to be enjoying the love from audience members when Mr Vegas sought to collect the microphone for his performance. However, when Mr Vegas reached out for the mic, the That Girl singer didn’t seem too amused and pulled the mic away from the singjay before inviting one of his proteges on to the stage much to the annoyance of Mr Vegas.

An extended version of the video shows Mr Vegas , after finally getting the microphone, criticising Red Rat for his actions.

“Red Rat you ah gwaan like seh a nuh music you come to do,” Mr Vegas said. “You ah gwaan like seh you come for war.”

Still smarting from the incident, Mr Vegas on Monday took a jab at Red Rat’s current status in the dancehall scene. He posted a promotional poster of the Irie Jam concert on his social media page. The poster, which boasted many artistes, ddid not include an image of Red Rat.

“Irie Jam Flyer yesterday. Look if unu see nuh rat on this,” said Mr Vegas.

Observers on social media speculated that the artistes were feuding over a woman.

Mr Vegas yesterday took to his facebook page and told his side of the story, where he said that Red Rat “boxed” away his hand and said he must s*ck his mother while standing next to his 11 year old son.