Depending on who you are you may have gotten wind of a chronic disorder brewing between Vincentian-born/foreign based artiste & producer Maffie Atwell and Jamesy P Morgan over the song “Puff Puff Pass.”

What began as a match made in the heights of a perfect merger between artiste and producer, where Jamesy P’s lyrics graced one of Maffie’s most prolific riddims to date, has now turned into a tumultuous battle between these two gentlemen, who cannot seem to come to an amicable agreement over royalties, payments and master rights.

Once again, depending on who you are, you may have been guilty of puffing and passing along (no pun intended) this hot gossip. Especially since Maffie has taken to the very public medians of social networks (Facebook) and apps (WhatsApp) to voice his dissatisfaction and vent his personal opinions of Jamesy P.

Following the conclusion of Vincy Mas, an agreement was made between Maffie and Jamesy P concerning the payment and royalties of the song Puff Puff N Pass. When the expectation was not made in the timeframe expected by Jamesy P and team, Maffie took to social media to air his grievances. Obviously upset, Maffie’s statements regarding Jamesy P which were strong and venomous, were later removed. He went on to remove Jamesy P’s song “Puff Puff N Pass” from YouTube and in the following voice note, Maffie can be heard threatening the removal of “Chronic Disorder” from all mediums.

He also demanded that Jamesy P also remove the song and cease and desist from performing it and threatened to “expose” him.

Now we are all aware that Soca Monarch doesn’t issue receipts but Maffie requested that Jamesy P provide him with a receipt from his Soca Monarch performance in an attempt to get an account of Jamesy P’s expenditures during the Soca Monarch performance.

This resulted in a backlash from Jamesy P, who, infuriated at what he considers an unreasonable situation, unleashed his rage in the following broadcast message. Listeners’ discretion is advised!

According to Jamesy P manager and team, his expenditure well exceeds the sum of EC $4500.00. After providing an ambulance onstage, paying for dancers, video production, pyrotechnics, fireworks and the gentlemen walking through the crowd creating the smoky atmosphere among other things, Jamesy P’s expenditure exceeded the amount of EC $7500.00. Maffie Atwell, unfortunately, was not present during the Ragga Soca Monarch finals competition. As we are all aware, Jamesy P placed 2nd after Skinny Fabulous took the 1st place with his iconic song, “This Island (is Mine)”

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