Many celebs aren’t fond of TMZ and Chris Brown is one of them. He has been quite vocal about his beef with the pap site and after their latest story about Breezy, he decided to take aim at the site’s founder, Harvey Levin, via his Instagram.

TMZ reported that Brown recently breached a contract when he did not show up to a performance at a Black Gay Pride event in Atlanta on September 7th. The “Autumn Leaves” singer claims that the story is not true and that he was never booked for the event. He also had words for Levin, saying that because he is a homosexual, he should “be finding outlets for young gay men/teens and women to be more open and comfortable about coming out.”
“It would really be a blessing if u focused on real issues,” he said. “But all these false stories to bring your site traffic is corny. But find another person to drag through the mud of lies” – Chris Brown added.