For many, Serena Williams is the embodiment of Black Girl Magic. Despite suffering a loss that prohibits her from continuing in the U.S. Open, many still have love, deep respect and admiration for the tennis titan.

But this video of Serena twerking is…interesting.

Sunday night (September 13) an old clip of Serena in what appears to be a hotel room emerged. In the 15 second video, Serena is seen doing her best twerk. Now, for all you “conservatives” Serena was having a jolly good time, so no need for the judgment.

However, after watching the video, many on Twitter weren’t as thrilled with Serena’s Twerk skills as they usually are with her back hand on the court.

Peep for yourself.

Here is Twitter’s reaction to Serena’s twerk video!

Chris Brown

Serena Williams