Naughty Boy has dropped his new single! That sentence is an example of a little thing we like to call “burying the lead”. The real news is that it features Beyoncé.

Runnin’ (Lose it All) by the British producer Naughty Boy is the first single off his upcoming second album. It features both Beyoncé and a vocalist called Arrow Benjamin (of whom little has been written other than a Facebook page describing him as “An Artist With Depth & Purpose”, embarking on “an Audio Revolution!!”)

Runnin’ (Lose it All) opens with Beyoncé’s tender but powerful vocals over a piano – think Halo before the drums kick in, or Haunted off her fifth album – swelling with subtle strings ,then moving into a house break. It’s a shimmery club classic, the kind we’ve seen plenty of in the past 20 years, reminiscent of Naughty Boy’s previous collaborations with Emeli Sandé – except with Beyoncé, so it’s better.